The Story Of Stories

Ok stories get listened to.

Good stories get told to friends.

Great stories get shared with the people you know.

Exceptional stories get shouted from the rooftops.

However, it doesn’t really work if you are the one shouting your own story from the mountain or rooftop.

Someone else must do it for you. Has your business found that someone?

Have you been able to find 1000 people who would love to shout out your story?

Which story are you trying to tell?

Which story is your business trying to tell with your marketing efforts?

Are you the one shouting your own story from the rooftops?

You might ask, Shivam, Why are you being so obsessive about stories? What does a story have to do with my company being able to sell my products?

Well, a story is the narrative I have going on in my head when I buy your product.

I am not someone who will easily shell out $1200 for an iPhone, however I am someone who would in an instant spend $500 on books and another $1000 on a course that doesn’t even give me an actual certificate.

This is my story, so if you are trying to sell your product to someone who doesn’t really care much about the phone he uses or is a cheapskate about the phone he uses, but is very picky and not at all cheap about what he puts in his mind, your product is for Shivam.

The question is, does your product fit in my story in the way I(the customer) wants? If yes, then I am your shouting from rooftops maniac customer!

All you need to do is find 10 people like me, right? Nop.

Don’t need that. All you need to do is share your story and 10 people like me will find you and your product if you have put out your story into the world.

Build it and they will come, not exaclty.

Build it, then share the story over and over again to the right people and they will run towards you and devour your product.

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