Want Dosa? Start Yesterday

There is this south Indian dish called dosa, which requires fermented rice batter to cook.

It is one of my favorite dishes.

During the lockdown, we weren’t able to get fresh batter so we thought of making the batter ourselves.

My wife started the process, what came as a shock to me was that I will get to eat dosa not today, not tomorrow morning, but most probably tomorrow evening or day after tomorrow.


Well, but then most of life’s best things that I enjoy today needed me to put in the work a while ago and then be patient.

This reminded me of a line from Bhagvad Gita, “karm kiye jao, fal ki chinta mat karo”

Translated into English, this means “keep doing the work, do not worry about the results”

I always heard this line from my grandfather, my grandmother and even my parents but never really paid much attention to it.

Well, this dosa thing taught me 2 things.

  1. Want dosa? start yesterday
  2. Better to buy batter from the market, save the time and the effort(outsource the production to the experts :P)

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