How To Find A Mentor

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I got a few DMs on Instagram as well as Twitter of people asking me to mentor them.

Here is something I can tell you about mentors and how I had cracked my chance to work with someone like Grant Cardone.

I had dived in value first. So rather than saying “hi, whatsup, would you be my mentor?”

I had simply searched the projects he was working on, did my research and found a solution to a problem he was in(he had mentioned it on his social media) and shared a solution with him.

I got no response, then next day I reiterated on the solution and sent another message via snapchat, this time he saw the message from that day as well as the day before.

He responded with something along the lines of “Would love for you to take care of it, connect with the head of staff at ___ email”

Now, I am not saying that you find a solution to my problems and email me but I am saying that no matter who the person they are going to value your input if it is worthy.

Hope you got it, let’s move ahead.

Remember, it is lonely at the top so the people there when find someone who wants to give instead of ask their eyes light up and they see a part of themselves in you.

They get thousands of emails and messages every day of people asking them for favours. Rarely someone gives first.

Will everyone reply? No, of course not, but it for sure will increase your chances of getting a reply.

So this weekend reach out to someone you follow but instead of simply asking for something start a conversation and see how you can be of value.

Directly ask what you need to ask. I have also seen people sending something like “hi, can I ask you a question?”, you just wasted an email, there is no chance they are going to reply to that.

In fact try this, if you simply ask them about one book that they have gifted the most(I learnt this from Tim Ferriss by the way), they are almost always bound to respond.

I recently did the same on my twitter and got responses from a couple of amazing people and also ended up sparking a quick twitter conversation with Nikhil Chinapa.(AMAZING)

Not only did he recommend me an awesome book but also gave me a couple of pointers about what to think while reading and oh also after reading I tweeted again tagging him to which he responded again to the lines of it’s a fun book and shared a few of his favorite parts from the book(one of them was my favorite too!)

With me till now?

Alright moving on,

When asking a question asking them which book changed their life is tricky, because they will have to spend 10 minutes and think which book changed their life.

But usually there is going to be more or less 1 book that they gifted other people the most. So ask for a book that they gifted the most.

The reason I ask amazing people for a book recommendation is because we all learn to think from other sources, usually through education and books.

If I can read the book that they have read, learn from the same source and apply I might actually be able to get one step closer to where they are.

That’s how you can look for mentors. Oh also make sure to watch what they do in their lives and not just what they say. (A video coming on this next weekend xD)

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