Leverage Your “Unfair Advantage”

We all have an unfair advantage in life.

Why don’t we use it.

No point in playing fair when it comes to making the most impact in life.

What’s your unfair advantage?

How can you use it?

You Don’t Need A Phone

You don’t really need a phone.

You actually want to talk to someone or text, hence you’ve bought a phone.

But you don’t really need to talk to someone.

What you really need is to connect with the people you know and don’t know.

But you don’t really need that connection.

What you really need is the cozy feeling that comes by bonding with someone, be it your family or friends.

But it’s not just about the feeling good part.

What you really need is to satisfy the primal need that all animals have.

The feeling of being a part of something bigger than just yourself, the feeling of being a part of a tribe.

That is why you really need a phone for.

So here is the question, Do you really need WD-40?

How Many Slices Does Your Pizza Have?

Let’s say you run a pizza place in New York.

It is a tough market, yet rewarding if you have customers.

Owning your own pizza place business is a great idea, you get to have as much pizza as you want, when you want.


Now, there is this guy down the block, who also has a pizza place.

Your marketing guy says he will help you do better than the guy down the block.

He helps you sell your 11 inch pizza with a simple slogan “Our 11 inch pizza has 8 slices while the shop down the block has only 6 slices in their 11 inch pizza, for the same price, you get 2 extra slices”

People see this campaign, and they want to try that special 11 inch pizza that has 8 slices instead of 6.

But soon they realize that your marketing guy is a fraud, your pizza tastes the same as the guy down the block.

The amount and taste of pizza they eat from your place is same as any other 11 inch pizza.

Soon it turns out, customers are angry, they’re going to tell their friends about this.

That pizza place, Shivam’s pizza just cheated and hustled me to buy their pizza. I ate the same quantity, and his quality and taste were practically the same as any other. Shivam is an ass of a pizza place owner.

Almost all the customers to their friends

And now you have to close your shop, and no free pizza for you whenever you want.

If you want to continue eating free pizza you might want to fire that marketing guy and use the money and effort on the things that count to your EXISTING customers.

Focus on making the pizza better, focus on the softness of the dough, the way the crust is fluffy yet crispy on the outside, focus on the quality of cheese, the tangy yet sweet taste of the sauce, the freshness of the toppings, and people will prefer your 11 inch pizza over any other pizza place even if yours had just 1 slice.

And slowly but surely people won’t need you to tell them that you have great pizza.

People who already ate your pizza will do that for you because they simply love your pizza.

And you get to have free pizza for the rest of your life.

No hustling for sales, better pizza and your free lunch for life is sorted!