In a battle of work or no work: the system wins

The work we do falls to the level of our systems

Productive work can only happen when your brain is thinking about nothing.

If you give your brain an opportunity it will definitely do what it is made for: wander around.

However, if you have a system in place, you’ve got a net to break your fall like a circus performer would have, you do not fall to the absolute 0, but you fall to the level of your system which is the net.

Productive work is done by depending on a dependable system setup by a dependable person like you.

An example: I have my camera setup on a tripod, mic fixed and ready. The camera is ready for me 24 hours.

All I have to do is sit and press a button. There is no friction. The work gets done as it should be.

Another example: This daily blog can be made daily by removing the friction to write.

So, I’ve got the wordpress app right here on my phone with me and the icon is on my home screen.

In fact I am writing this sentence through the app.

No login, no fuss. Just write the post, and press publish.

The work gets done.

Be dependable, set a system that let’s you do the work you desire to do.

I have, and my life is easier because of it.

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