This Is Marketing In 1 Blog Post

There are two kinds of people.

People who like yellow colored lights and people who like white colored or day lights.

There can be 3 types of businesses.

1. A company that sells yellow bulbs

2. A company that sells white bulbs

3. A company that sells yellow and white bulbs

Now, if your customer likes yellow light and you have yellow bulbs and they know you have yellow bulbs, congratulations you have a customer.

If they do not know that you have yellow bulbs, all you need to do is tell them we make yellow bulbs and if they need a yellow bulb, you are willing to sell it to them.

If you have a white bulb, and you try convincing that person that white light is better than yellow light, you soon have no customers.

If you have both bulbs, and people do not trust you or maybe they do not know you exist or maybe a white light lover thinks you make only yellow bulbs you have no customers.

Having both bulbs is actually another problem to be solved, additional cost to be born, higher number of people to be educated.

Having one type of bulb and making sure that people who love that color of light love you as well and trust you is how we win the marketing game.

Trust, dependability and of course having the right product.

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